korporacja ha!art bookshop

everything that does not pay
cheap art, books, magazines, liberature, CDs

In the Bunker Sztuki Works korporacja ha!art - charitable institution run by people connected with Krakow interdisciplinary magazine "Ha!Art." The aim is to promote corporate developments in the culture. As the "Korporacja" will put the names and little-known phenomenon, existing in a niche. We accomplish this by creating a unique place in Krakow, which include: difficult to reach, niche books, magazines, cultural and social (new and archived at lower prices), alternative music, cheap art by famous artists of the younger generation - one of the first to such initiatives in Poland, book arts and liberature (the only such store in Poland), carefully selected books available on the market and items issued outside the loop (so-called tissue paper).

It is also the reading room, the point indicating new phenomena in the culture.

Our offer includes catalogues from galleries, art press and art books.

The bookshop is open from 11am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday as well as during the events staged by the Bunkier Sztuki Club on selected days (starting 6.30pm).

Direct bookshop phone number is: +48/12 422 81 98

All items are available at the online store at website