• Kaufmann Andreas M.

    He interferes with well-known films or works of art, distorting their rhythm and transforming selected elements. From methodically collected pieces of newspapers, pictures, fragments of press releases, words and slogans, he creates postmodern collages which bluntly comment on contemporary reality. >>

  • Kessler Leopold

    Leopold Kessler tests the possibilities and limitations of the public sphere, semi-legally intervening in the structure of the city. He undermines the schematic models of behaviour which result from the way that space is organised. In order to do so, he introduces subtle corrections of reality – often imperceptible, mistaken for routine cleaning activities or assumed to be part of life’s absurdity. >>

  • Koeke Justyna

    Justyna Koeke’s works penetrate dark and hidden aspects of family relations, which have no function in the general social consciousness. The visual attractiveness of the artist’s works is in stark contrast to the propagated model of a so-called normal family. >>

  • Kowalska Karolina

    Karolina Kowalska’s works define our civilisation. She directly refers to such notions as nature, culture, consumption, popular culture, economics, homogenisation, postmodernity, globalisation, etc. The result is a vision of the world heading towards annihilation ensuing from the constant urge to possess, to collect objects, from unnecessary accumulation of garbage, piles of which cover almost every patch of the earth. The artist talks of selfextermination of humanity, a state where there will be no possibilities of further development. >>

  • Kozłowski Jarosław

    While rejecting the artist’s special entitlement, Kozłowski has never given up on negotiating his own ‘I’. From today’s perspective, even in his conceptual practice, the seemingly tautological musings, we can see a glimpse of an author who escapes the categorical demands of ‘conceptual paragraphs’.  Paradoxically, it was the artist himself – considered a leading figure in the conceptual movement - who initiated polemics with the conceptual tradition – or rather, its simplifications. >>

  • Krawczyk Lidia and Kubiak Wojtek

    They deal with paintings, photography, and video. Their area of research includes issues connected with gender, sexuality, social structures of power, and hegemony. They started realising projects together in 2004. >>

  • Książek Paweł

    He produces paintings and drawings, as well as collages and painting installations purpose-made for particular galleries. >>

  • Lutyński Piotr

    Piotr Lutyński creates amusing “total” musical and visual events comprising painting, sculptures, animals, poetry and music. He is fascinated with natural materials, folklore and the first avant-garde. The artist’s exhibitions often take the form of performance acts: presentations of installations are combined with folk music concerts. >>

  • Maciejowski Marcin

    Marcin Maciejowski is one of the most recognizable artists of the young generation. His work is narrative and figurative. It shows a formal reference to the crisp language of advertising, posters, cartoons and press illustration. >>

  • Markiewicz Małgorzata

    Małgorzata Markiewicz works in the broadly understood field of design, her main concern is the influence of art on life. Her art refers to such everyday spheres as home, family, unattractive daily bustle, and fancy handicrafts that are culturally considered a “female” pastime. >>