• Sobczyk Marek

    Marek Sobczyk creates figurative and abstract compositions. They are most often expressive, symbolic presentations rich in colour and painting texture. The artist uses iconic signs popular in culture and society to gradually deconstruct them. >>

  • Wodiczko Krzysztof

    His art is complemented by theoretical works. All critically relate to the social and political spheres, they stand out for their involvement in social problems, and take up the questions of individual and group memory, historical trauma, as well as the issue of emigration and the figure of the Stranger. >>

  • Żebrowska Alicja

    Alicja Żebrowska is one of the first artists in Poland to be openly interested in the issues of cultural gender and sexual identity. She examines body limits, transformation from one gender to the other, androgyny.



  • Kurant Agnieszka

    Feeling unbearable is one emotion evoked by the actions of Agnieszka Kurant – as well as a feeling of confusion, helplessness or loss of control. Whether creating the exhibition Snow Black or Perfect Magazine – an exhibition presented as a magazine of artists such as Art & Language, Gilbert & George, Philippe Parreno, Maurizio Cattelan, Angela Bulloch and Liam Gillick, Kurant turns both logic and the essence of visibility upside down, causing the works of the invited artists to be completely invisible >>