Bujnowski Rafał

Born 1974 in Wadowice – painter and graphic artist. Studied architecture in the Cracow University of Technology (1993—1995) and graphic art in the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (1995—2000). Cofounder and member of Słynna Grupa Ładnie (1995—2001). Coeditor of “Słynne pismo we wtorek.” Managed Galeria Otwarta in Kraków (1998—2001). Awarded with the Kunstpreis Europas Zukunft (2005).

Rafał Bujnowski is one of the most characteristic Polish artists of the young generation. His main concerns include the question of art in public space, the originality of the work of art, and commercialisation of art. He records the transition from a work of art to an advert or a commodity. He creates series of paintings rid of individual features. He paints ordinary objects, e.g. patterns on fingernails, worn-out jeans or political banners, which he initially sold for the real price of the “goods” that were represented. He is also intrigued with those moments when it is difficult to tell the difference between the painting and what it depicts. His paintings may be seen as instances of abstract or conceptual painting.

selected solo exhibitions: Picture Window (400 hoardings in nine Polish cities), Galeria Zewnętrzna AMS (2001); Pictures, Objects, Johnen+Schöettle, Köln (2003); Visa, Twilight, Museum, Galeria Raster, Warszawa (2004); Visa Project, Flying Course, Art in General, New York (2004); Rafał Bujnowski. Recent Works, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Warszawa (2006)

in Bunkier Sztuki – solo exhibition: Rafał Bujnowski. Painting (2005); group exhibitions: POP-elite. New Class of Polish Art (2001) – as part of the exhibition Bujnowski carried out the project Painting—Renovating (partial renovation of the Bunkier façade); Art in the City. Outdoor Gallery AMS 1998—2002 (2003); Parallel World—Poland 50°//N—52°//N. Young Art from Kraków (2004); Boys (2005); From the Bunkier Collection (2005); Bunkier Sztuki Collection (2006)
works in Collection: from the cycle: Painting—Renovating: The Renovated Bunkier Sztuki Gallery in Kraków, 2001, oil on canvas, 119×180 cm