Ciecierski Tomasz

Born 1945 in Kraków – painter, draughtsman and photographer. Graduated from the Department of Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1971). Lecturer there (1972—1985). Took part in: 5th Sydney Biennial (1984); twice: 19th and 22nd São Paulo Biennial (1987, 1994); Polish Realities, Third Eye Center, Glasgow (1998); Documenta 9, Kassel (1992).

Tomasz Ciecierski’s creative output includes painting, drawing and photographic cycles that allude to one another. The artist’s canvases frequently constitute a record of thinking about the painting and the process of painting it. The best known cycles are “scrapbooks” and “landscapes.” His “scrapbooks” are notes on the world. They feature objects of everyday use (painting tools), some accompanied by words. Some pages look like children’s drawings. The “landscapes” bear witness to his passion for colour. Ciecierski creates his works on surfaces or in three-dimensional space constructed of overlapping small canvases. They are occasionally juxtaposed with monochromatic surfaces or photographs. The artist reflects on the status of the picture in reality, on the process of painting, and on the essence of seeing.

selected solo exhibitions: Muzeum Sztuki, Łódź (1990); Galeria Foksal, Warszawa (1992); Narodowa Galeria Sztuki „Zachęta”, Warszawa (1994); Tomasz Ciecierski. Painting, Galeria Potocka, Kraków (2000); Paintings and Scrapbooks 1971—2002, Galeria Zderzak, Kraków (2002/2003)

in Bunkier Sztuki – solo exhibition: Tomasz Ciecierski. Pact with Painting (2003); group exhibition: Bunkier Sztuki Collection (2006)

works in Collection: Untitled (crimson), 2003, colour photography on pvc, 165×122 cm; Untitled (purple), 2003, colour photography on pvc, 165×122 cm; Untitled (blue), 2003, colour photography on pvc, 165×122 cm