Górna Katarzyna

Born 1968 in Warszawa—photographer, video and installation artist. Completed an MA at the Department of Sculpture in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warszawa, in Grzegorz Kowalski’s atelier in 1994 (1989—1994).

Katarzyna Górna creates large-format photographs and videos that are often combined into spatial installations. The female figure is in the centre of her attention, as well as the problem of the identity of an individual and their sexuality. Her photographs frequently feature nudes presented in a way that emphasises their strong character. The pictures are simple and monumental, even “sculptural.” The artist frequently refers to traditional aspects of Christian iconography, often revaluating them. Many of the works are feminist in tone, crossing the border of social stereotypes of the sexes.

selected solo exhibitions: 10 Maids, Galeria Przyjaciół A.R., Warszawa (1995); Madonnas, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Warszawa (1997); The Women Set, Galeria Wyspa, Gdańsk (2000)

in Bunkier Sztuki – solo exhibition: Happy Birthday. Katarzyna Górna 1994–2004 (2005); group exhibitions: White Mazurka (2004); From the Bunkier Collection (2005); Bunkier Sztuki Collection (2006)

works in Collection: Double Portrait, 2001, bw photography on pvc, 3 elem.: 75×75 cm, 75×47 cm, 75×63 cm; Marilyn, 2004, colour photography on pvc, 2 elem.: 50×840 cm, 80×300 cm; Happy Birthday Mr President, 2004, DVD, 9’32”