Janicki Aleksander

Born 1963 in Kraków—multimedia artist. Photographer, graphic, installation and video artist. Works as an artist, a designer and a curator. Studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (1984—1990). Founder of Stowarzyszenie OUTart, which carries out projects in public space. Together with the Andrzej Wajda Foundation, Janicki is the initiator of the project “SocLand” in Nowa Huta as well as the project of the Polish Pavilion in Aichi, Japan, set up for Expo 2005 (with Krzysztof Ingarden—SARP Prize of the Year 2005, SARP Kraków Branch Project of the Year, Prize of the Minister of Constructions, Contract World Award, Hannover).

Aleksander Janicki creates interactive installations and projects often carried out in public space. His actions are repeated in various contexts and places. His works are pastiches of marketing strategies that uncover and deconstruct the ideology of marketing. He deals with the problems of identity, the status of the artist and the work of art. He takes up the issues of the influence of mass media and popular culture on society with their manipulative and persuasive methods aiming at transforming the viewer into a perfect consumer. By constructing interactive installations, he intends to increase the viewers’ awareness of them.

selected solo exhibitions: Re-productions I (Windows), action in urban space, Kraków (1995); Re-productions III (Hoarding – Photo Tautologies), street action, Kraków (1995); Re-productions IV (Tree), Sarbsk (1995); Re-productions V (Eyes), Galeria Zderzak, Kraków (1995); Re-productions VI (Elements), Teatr Bückleina, Kraków (1996); Re-productions IX (Projections), Galeria Zderzak, Kraków (1997); VISITOR, Art Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main (1998); Don’t Fall Out Nonsensically (bilboard / hoarding), Galeria Zewnętrzna AMS (2000); Sitting, Projections II, Visitor, Erfurt (2001); Hiroshige: Kage-e, Moment, Echo, Centrum Sztuki i Techniki Japońskiej „Manggha”, Kraków (2002); Memorable, street action, area of the former ghetto in Kraków (2003); Blaue Nacht, Nürnberg (2004); Echo, Aichi, Japonia (2005)

in Bunkier Sztuki – solo exhibition: Aleksander Janicki. Identity (2006); group exhibitions: Art in the City. Outdoor Gallery AMS 1998—2002 (2003); other: Nowa Huta—Vectors (2000); At last, Something New! Collections of Modern Art from Malopolska (2007); Ok! Wyspiański (2008)

work in Collection: O Lithuania, My Homeland, 2005, DVD, looped, 3’